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No One Trusts Social Media, but They'll Keep Using It Anyway [New Data]

I’ll just come right out and say it: The internet has a massive mess to clean up.
You may have heard about it. For instance, earlier this month,

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Best Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers (Reviews/Prices)

First, columns are all refrigerator or all freezer as opposed to a unit with both. We have an article about integrated refrigerators and freezers. You can access it here. 

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Get ready to plan your season: British Eventing 2018 fixtures confirmed

eventing fixtures list
Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover at Blair 2016. Picture by Dave Cameron

The British Eventing (BE) fixtures list for the 2018 season includes some good news for eventers in the north of England and Scotland.

A new venue added to the calendar is Frenchfield Horse Trials in Cumbria, which will run two days of competition in April, with a second fixture in September. Levels of competition at Frenchfield will range from BE80(T) to BE105.

Hopetoun Horse Trials in Scotland returns to the calendar on 30 June for two days after a one year break in 2016. Organised by Bruce Edward, the event which used to also run international classes, will now host competition ranging between BE80(T) and novice level.

Blair Castle International Horse Trials will now host the BE90 and BE100 Scottish Championships in August.

Other changes include the addition of a BE80(T) class at both runnings of Skipton in North Yorkshire in June and August, while Frickley Park (1) in July has replaced its BE100plus class with a BE105 competition.

BE chief executive David Holmes said: “Following a great season for British Eventing it is now time to look ahead to the coming year; we are delighted to release the calendar for 2018 so our members, fans, volunteers and supporters can start planning their season.

“The fixtures team and regional coordinators have been working hard to maintain the number of competition opportunities around the country to ensure a balanced and suitable fixtures calendar for organisers and competitors.

“Thank you to all organisers for your huge efforts in running British Eventing affiliated fixtures, we look forward to a great 2018.”

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Other notable changes include Belton Horse Trials in Lincolnshire running two weeks later in 2018 than it did this year. The event, which hosts classes from novice to advanced plus three-star, will take place on 13-15 April. Previously a popular pre-Badminton run, it will be interesting to see whether the date change has an impact on entries. Burnham Market Horse Trials in Norfolk, which historically hosts its event over the Easter weekend, now runs a couple of weeks earlier than it did last year around the final weekend in March.

Breckenbrough (2) in Yorkshire does not appear in the 2018 BE fixtures list, although its first event still takes place.

Finally, the FEI pony European Eventing Championships will be hosted by Bishop Burton College in Yorkshire in early August.

For all the latest news analysis, competition reports, interviews, features and much more, don’t miss Horse & Hound magazine, on sale every Thursday

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DEAL ENDS SOON: Massive Discounts on Stock Photos!

Tired of worrying about watermarked images and using plain, repetitive photos on your website? Today and today only you can get access to up to 200 images of your choice for $99, only on MightyDeals! This deal ends at midnight, November 22nd, 2017.  What makes this deal so special? Depositphotos offers one of the largest stock photo […]

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Amazon holiday hiring is reaching sky-high levels — this year's tally will be about 120,000 (AMZN)

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, American consumers and retailers are gearing up for the annual post-Turkey Day holiday spending bonanza. In preparation for the madness, Amazon has said it plans to hire some 120,000 seasonal employees at sites in 33 US

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The 20 Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet in 2018

There’s a lot of content out there about productivity — everything from hacks to shortcuts to tips and tricks for how to get more done in less time. It’s

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Speed Queen vs. Maytag Commercial Style Washers for the Home

You may be reading this because you are tired of front-load washers or you’ve heard horror stories about expensive repairs, mold, mildew and unreliable products. Do not buy either the

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The 7 Traits Of Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing is a constantly evolving industry. To stay ahead of the curve, subscribe to our industry digest newsletter

The 7 Characteristics Of Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing is one of the most valuable and effective ways for brands to advertise on social media. As the industry has grown, so have the ways that brands can access it. In particular, influencer marketing agencies offer brands expertise into a nuanced and quickly growing space with best practices, managed services, and proven results.

However, in an increasingly crowded space, some agencies are more qualified than others. The most outstanding influencer marketing agencies will have these 7 characteristics in common.

What Differentiates Influencer Marketing Agencies From Each Other?

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing categories in digital advertising, and brands are eager to learn how to best proceed with the new strategy. The numerous options in the influencer marketing industry can be boiled down to three primary approaches:

  • Undertaking influencer marketing in-house
  • Working with multi-channel networks (MCNs)
  • Partnering with a top influencer marketing agency

For some brands, executing influencer marketing in-house may not be an option as executing influencer marketing campaigns properly require significant resources and expertise. MCNs do offer managed services however talent options are restricted to a network’s roster that may not be the best fit for a brand.

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How To Tell You’re Working With A Top Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing agencies, however, specialize in the complexities of influencer marketing, including campaign strategy, execution, and management.

In contrast to more common digital marketing agencies, these agencies are dedicated solely to working on campaigns with top social media influencers. They will often maintain working relationships with high-performing social media influencers, but do not contract them to a talent roster. Moreover, influencer marketing agencies will have deep knowledge of sponsored content, social media trends, best practices, contracts/agreements, licensing, and copyrights, FTC disclosures, and much more.

As influencer marketing agencies become more common, it becomes more difficult to determine which ones stand out among the rest. These 7 characteristics can help brands discern differences between top agencies from the average.

1. A Deep Understanding of Influencer Marketing Strategies

A top influencer marketing agency will have comprehensive knowledge of how social media and content marketing strategies fit into a brand’s overall marketing initiatives. Top influencer marketers will educate their clients on best practices and key tactics in the industry.

For instance, top agencies will know how to amplify sponsored content across social media channels and will know whether a brand should be using micro or macro influencers to reach their goals. Top influencer marketing agencies will offer a wide variety of strategies to their clients and highlight the ones that work best.

Further, top influencer marketing agencies will educate their clients on realistic outcomes. Marketers should be wary of agencies and influencers that offer promises of engagement and guaranteed conversions. Recently, marketers and brands have been made aware of fake Instagram influencer activity prevalent in the space.

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2. Creative Differentiation and Integration

The best influencer marketing agencies will be able to align a brand’s social and messaging with influencer components in creative integrations. Every brand has different goals, whether it is to simply reach teenage audiences or to motivate loyal tech consumers to purchase an item.

Moreover, every influencer has their own style and format. A great influencer marketing agency knows how best to pair unique and well-performing influencers to create original and organic sponsored brand integrations for each client.  

To determine whether an influencer marketing agency has the capacity to brainstorm proper creative campaigns, marketers should request multiple examples of creative case studies. Creative influencer marketing strategies should be customized for every brand as each one has unique audiences and each brand aspires to unique messaging.

3. Transparency with Budgets

Influencer marketing is still a nascent space with much ambiguity and misinformation on influencer pricing and rates. As a result, when brands work with an inexperienced agency, they will often find unexpected or hidden costs at the end of or throughout a campaign. Top influencer marketing agencies will be upfront with budget minimums and spends and guide clients through all possible monetary considerations.

With any influencer marketing outfit, marketers should clarify final costs of campaigns upfront and inquire about possible hidden fees. Brands should not be required to spend additional funds to supplement an influencer campaign.

Top influencer marketing agencies are experts when it comes to budgeting and allocating the right ad spends to achieve and exceed campaign goals. They have extensive knowledge and experience in maximizing campaign budgets to reach clients’ KPIs and campaign benchmarks. Moreover, their strong relationships with influencers allow them to negotiate fair talent prices for clients.

4. On the Forefront of Influencer and Social Media Trends

A top influencer marketing agency will not just be known for superior services and results, but also for its expertise and research in the space. The best agencies are thought leaders of the industry, deriving deep insights and strategies from a repository of experiences, historical performance data, and original market research.

Great influencer marketing companies conduct and share original market insights into emerging trends (e.g. how top influencers are now posting 2x more on Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat), how audiences use social media platforms, new technologies, and best practices and can provide ample resources and studies to support recommendations.

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5. Offer Airtight and Seamless Campaign Management 

While influencer marketing tools and platforms seek to automate certain aspects of the campaign process, properly partnering and maximizing collaboration with influencers is far from a turnkey process.

Instead, the best influencer marketing agencies seamlessly manage campaigns, and the best ones elide and create maximum efficiencies for every client and campaign. From executing thousands of campaigns, these agencies have streamlined complex workflows (e.g. partnering with influencers, negotiating rates, and executing contracts and agreements) to the most timely and succinct processes.

Brand marketers should ask whether their campaign has a dedicated account manager who manages every aspect of each campaign, from finding the right influencers to appropriately scaling future campaigns.

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6. Adhere To and Know The Latest FTC Guidelines

Top influencer marketing agencies protect their clients and ensure proper disclosure with influencers according to FTC guidelines.

Federal guidelines require that sponsored posts are disclosed with an explicit and written notation on sponsorship. These practices may differ across platforms, and the top influencer agencies will know these best practices.

Agencies will also enforce disclosure because they know that disclosures don’t hurt campaigns. Contrary to common belief, research demonstrates that disclosures appeal to audiences as authentic. Posts that are overtly sponsored but not disclosed often face backlash from influencer audiences that are well-attuned to an influencer’s content.

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7. Produce High-performing and Visible Results

The chances you’ve seen a campaign run by a top influencer agency are high. Top influencer marketing agencies have a history of results and have been responsible for high-performing, trending videos or photos on multiple platforms.

To gauge the efficacy of an influencer marketing agency, consider if you’ve previously seen or heard of their campaigns and clients. The results that a top influencer marketing agency produces are visible in its popularity against other pieces of content on social media.

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From pleurisy to colic to exploding lorry tyres: one rider’s amateur champs drama

Angie MillsQuids In

They say that bad luck often comes in threes and poor showjumper Angie Mills was struck by the full hat-trick of misfortune while competing at the Dodson & Horrell National Amateur and Veteran Championships at Aintree International Equestrian Centre at the weekend (14-19 November).

The rider, who is based in Co. Durham, arrived at the Liverpool venue — home to the famous Grand National race in April — suffering from pleurisy, an inflammation of the tissue layers lining the lungs and inner chest wall.

Brave Angie battled on, however, and after narrowly losing out to Jo Fennell and Bantasia in the mini veterans championship at this popular show, she and the 13-year-old gelding Quids In II — who is known at home as Cash — turned the tables to win the national minor veterans final.

“With a later draw in the minor jump-off, I knew what I had to do,” said championship regular Angie, who has had the “ultra-careful” Cash for the past nine years.

“We galloped through the start beams and kept the pace up all round.”

Angie’s rollercoaster weekend then continued with more high drama. She had also qualified for the D&H 1.05m championship final at Aintree as well as the 95cm, in which Angie was hoping to defend her title, but as Cash suffered a bout of colic overnight, Angie decided to return home to Haswell in the north-east early, where the saga continued.

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“We had just unloaded the horses when one of the tyres on the lorry exploded,” explained Angie. “I dread to think what would have happened if it had gone on one of the narrow roads near home.”

Don’t miss the full report from the Dodson & Horrell National Amateur and Veteran Championships — and all the action from around the country — in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound, out Thursday 23 November.

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Polish Your Pitch with Data-Driven Web Design Strategies from Woodley Marketing and MOZ

Businesses have no excuse not to have a fully functional, mobile-optimized website today. Content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, come equipped with highly customizable “plug-and-play” templates that can be outfitted with a number of drag-and-drop features to suit a business’ needs, including all the functionality needed to get started with eCommerce. As an added […]

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