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Is a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Worth the Money? (Prices / Reviews / Ratings)

You are probably wondering, “Is Sub-Zero really worth it?” Do you really need a $9,000+ refrigerator in your kitchen? My answer is, it depends. After all, you can buy two

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How Baidu Leverages Influencers To Advertise Its Global Mobile Apps

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How Baidu Markets With Influencers To Promote Mobile App Downloads

Founded in 2000, Baidu has grown to become one of China’s most innovative web service companies. With over 40,000 employees around the world, the internet provider is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) design and also develops widely popular social networks and mobile apps.

Social media and more specifically influencer marketing have become an essential part of the company’s global advertising strategy. We spoke with Lin Min, Global Marketing Manager, who oversees the promotion of Baidu’s Facemoji Keyboard to social media users worldwide. Read on to learn more about how Min uses influencer marketing to drive app downloads and promote Baidu to a global audience.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and Baidu (e.g. brief company history and highlights, your role, etc.).

Baidu is the world’s leading Chinese-language internet search provider and is one of the biggest tech firms in China. The company was founded in 2000 by our CEO Robin Li, with the mission of providing the best and most equitable way for people to find what they’re looking for.

In May of 2017, we updated our mission statement for the first time in many years to highlight our belief in the power of AI, and our dedication to creating new and intuitive ways of interacting with the world. Our new mission statement is: “Making a complex world simpler through technology.”

I represent Baidu’s Global Business Unit (GBU). GBU develops many popular apps for users outside of China. We always aim to create innovative products that are fun and easy to use, and that people truly enjoy.

As Global Marketing Manager, I handle online and offline marketing campaigns for our mobile app (Facemoji Keyboard) and develop specific marketing plans and programs that focus on social media to increase brand awareness and app downloads. 

2. Since its founding in 2000, Baidu has grown enormously! How has Baidu’s marketing strategy changed as the company has evolved?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Baidu is an enormous company with over 40,000 employees around the world, and I can really only represent a small sliver of everything we do. In our business unit (GBU), we focus pretty much exclusively on users outside of China. That means we need to have a solid grasp on what’s happening across a wide swath of countries and cultures, not only technologically but also in terms of people’s lifestyles and online habits. 

Because of this, our marketing technique is constantly evolving. I can tell you that a staple of our efforts has always been social media including Facebook and Twitter, and those platforms probably won’t lose their efficacy anytime soon.

A more recent trend that we see across all geographical regions is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is absolutely huge and is quickly becoming a core element of our overseas marketing efforts.

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3. As Global Marketing Manager, how do you effectively craft Baidu’s image on social media to connect with a diverse range of people? What are the key considerations in your overall social strategy?

We learn as much as we can about our existing customers. What things motivate them to download our apps? How often and in what way do they use our apps? What benefits do our apps bring to them? What is the user experience with our apps? Why do they share our apps, and if they don’t share them, why not? What would they like our apps to offer? What differentiates our product from that of our competitors? Why do our customers use Facemoji Keyboard vs. other keyboard apps? 

The list goes on. My focus is on Facemoji Keyboard, but we take into account these questions and many more for all of our products.

In addition, we also look at reviews in the app store on a regular basis. For example, we saw that many people could easily express meanings and emotions with Facemoji Keyboard. People always struggle to express meaning and emotion on the internet, however, with Facemoji Keyboard, they can express their mood easily without any misunderstandings.

4. For some companies, influencer marketing is their primary or sole advertising strategy. For others, it’s part of a larger social and digital push. How does Baidu approach influencer marketing and how do social media influencers fit into reaching consumers at scale?

Influencer marketing is a direct way to attract users. It is also an efficient way to enter the target market quickly and reach a genuine audience. To me, it is a sure-fire way to market our apps as influencers have already built a trusted image in the industry. The impact of influencer campaigns is greater than just watching a commercial or reading an article.

Previously, we did video campaigns on YouTube only. Now we’re also marketing on Instagram. Instagram Stories are short and can directly link to our app download pages. When people watch YouTube, they may skip the commercial part. But Instagram Stories are different. They’re a quick way to advertise your product.

Also, we strive to make our videos as creative and fun as possible allowing influencers to think of a way to play with our app functions within their sponsored video. For example, a rap influencer could make a rap video that talks about our apps and presents them in a funny way. Being creative and playful is an important part of getting audiences to watch, engage, and share videos.

5. How has creating influencer-specific Facemoji stickers driven the success of your Facemoji Emoji keyboard and Hahamoji mobile apps?

We collaborate with each influencer to create their own influencer-specific Facemoji stickers. As a result, each influencer authentically promotes, uses, and integrates their Facemoji sticker within their video content creating a fun and natural dialogue with their audiences. 

When users see their favorite influencer’s stickers, they’re excited to engage in the dialogue, motivated to download the app, use the stickers, and share them with friends on social media.

6. Looking ahead to 2018, any upcoming projects, initiatives, or launches we should be on the lookout for?

We generally like to surprise our users with new campaigns, so we’ll stay light on the details. You can expect to see more awesome giveaways, tie-ins with some of your favorite online personalities, and more!

7. Anything else you’d like to add?

It was a pleasure taking this interview!

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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H&H question of the week: How can my horse and I learn how to jump bigger fences?

Four-star event rider and multi junior and young rider European eventing medallist Georgie Spence provides one H&H forum user with some helpful advice on how to teach both her and her horse how to jump bigger fences

Q: “I have a fantastic horse who only learned to jump about 18 months ago — she’s eight this year. She’s 16hh and she’s got the most wonderful jump. She jumps 80cm courses and leaves lots of room between her and the jump. She’ll do 90cm individual jumps without worrying too but I’d like to build her up to 90cm and 1m courses but obviously I’m happy for that to take as long as it takes.

“I’d like to do some jumping work in the school to increase my confidence and hers, although it’s mostly mine. What I’ve found with my horse is that she won’t pay attention to anything less than 70cm. I was wondering if you could share some good jumping exercises that I could do.

We have a great school at my yard with plenty of wings and poles. Things to bear in mind:
1) All jumps have to be built and put away
2) I don’t have a helper very often so I can’t get off and on throughout the session to change jumps”

Georgie says: “My advice would be that you should stick to a few exercises and use them three or four times each before moving on to the next exercise as you have to put the fences away every time, you don’t want to be building a huge amount every day you want to jump.

“A fantastic exercise is three poles down one side of the school, don’t measure them out, just put them down, roughly five or six strides apart.

“Ride down the poles five or six times, just maintaining the rhythm and then making sure you take the same amount of strides each time. Then repeat this the other way.

“Next try and add a stride in between the two poles. Again, repeat this five or six times on each rein. Then see if you can go through once, just taking the original amount of strides, and then go five to six times each way taking a stride out. This over time will really help you with distances and striding, but also being able to move the canter around.

“This exercise can also be used with small uprights instead of poles.

Continued below…

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“Another great exercise is building a parallel fence down each long side, and an upright fence on each of the diagonals so you can change the rein. You can then jump the fences on a figure of eight. If you start to feel unbalanced or a bit quick you can put a circle in and then continue with the exercise. I always like to start with the fences quite small and then when both you and the horse get more confident you can put them up.

CL 680x300 copy

“Grids are always great exercises, but are more difficult on your own. If you could possibly build a grid, I would suggest three cross poles one stride apart from eachother and then two strides to a parallel.

You could warm up over a couple of fences and then jump through the grid a few times at each height. This grid is slightly easier on your own as you don’t need to raise the height of the first three cross poles, but you can put the parallel up when you feel confident. This then gives you the best chance of producing a powerful canter, where you horse bascules.

“When you have started to crack this at home, I suggest going to you local equestrian centre and either hiring the course or doing a clear round to start to gain confidence jumping the bigger heights but without the pressure of it being a competition. However I would also suggest trying to have someone on the ground while you jump, especially away from home just to be safe.

Visit Georgie’s website or follow her on Facebook

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94% Off: Get the Ultimate Crowdfunding Bundle for Only $25

A few years ago, people were required to come up with a huge sum of money in order to turn their product idea into reality. Without money to fund their project, they wouldn’t be able to create a unique product to sell to the public. Today, however, business owners and inventors can present their idea […]

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wore these strange shoes during a talk with Lloyd Blankfein — and broke a workplace style rule

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey wore a strange pair of black sandals during a talk with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.
In doing so, he broke one of the cardinal rules of dressing professionally.

Jack Dorsey is known for his style prowess, but not

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10 Hard Truths About Management No One Tells You

I remember talking with an acquaintance a few years back who had recently graduated from college about how she envisioned her career progressing. Here’s how she broke down

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Can You Install a Downdraft Vent Behind a Range? (Reviews / Ratings)

You should not vent a range for a variety of reasons. This option did not exist until recently. A range and downdraft could not fit because the duct attachment box

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Patrik Kittel claims euphoric Olympia grand prix freestyle victory

Sweden’s Patrik Kittel raised the bar in tonight’s Olympia grand prix freestyle, claiming victory on Delaunay OLD with 80.56%, putting them fractionally ahead of Britain’s Emile Faurie in second.

Patrik and the classy 11-year-old “Dude”, by Dr Doolittle, performed a faultless test with an exceptionally high degree of difficulty, helping them go one better than their second-place grand prix finish the previous night.

He felt amazing and tried his heart out in there. He just wants to please and do his best,” said Patrik, for whom it was an emotional win having returned to the show after 13 years.

Britain’s Emile Faurie was astounded to finish an agonisingly close second behind Patrik in what was his first ever grand prix freestyle on the De Niro breeding stallion Delatio (below).

This horse is extremely exciting for the future, demonstrating great scope and power, coupled with an impressively relaxed attitude. Their fault-free test left them just 0.2% behind Patrik with 80.4%.

“I played it safe in the grand prix last night as I still don’t know him very well,” said Emile, who has only had the ride on Elena’s Knyaginicheva’s 13-year-old for three months. “He’s just such a trier – a really awesome horse who just wants to do it all. The quality speaks for itself and his concentration is incredible. I think there’s a few more percent in there.”

Last night’s grand prix winner Edward Gal finished third with the talented nine-year-old Glock’s Zonik (Blue Hors Zack x Romanov) who just showed his inexperience with a couple of mistakes in the kur. The pair still posted 79.34% with some hugely expressive, powerful work.

“Today he was a little more tense than yesterday and wondering what was happening in there with the music so loud. But he tried his best and he’s only a nine-year-old so what can you expect,” said Edward.

Continued below…

Fellow Dutch rider Madeleine Witte-Vrees slotted into fourth with Cennin, just edging ahead of Britain’s Lara Butler, debuting a new freestyle with Rubin Al Asad. They posted 76.98% with a fantastic performance to a Dire Straits soundtrack to finish fifth.

Hayley Watson-Greaves took sixth for Britain, riding a beautiful test on the Rubin Royal son Rubins Nite to score 76.68%.

Richard Davison filled seventh with Bubblingh, while Gareth Hughes and Don Carissimo finished 13th.

Don’t miss the full report in Horse & Hound magazine, out on 21 December 2017.

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How to Design a PCB Layout

A good PCB is at the heart of many great DIY projects. When you can design and develop your circuit board, it is easy to create a wide range of DIY electronics. There are kits that help you bypass this process, but PCB design is still a skill that you need to master if you are […]

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Does Business Blogging Still Get Results in 2017? New Data from 1,000 Bloggers [Infographic]

2017 marks the fourth consecutive year Orbit Media Studios has tapped the insights of 1000+ business bloggers to publish a research report on blogging statistics and trends.

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